Robert LeFevre

The Fundamentals of Liberty

By Robert LeFevre

The Fundamentals of Liberty By Robert LeFevre

This is Robert LeFevre's magnum opus work of over 25 years.

     "Government is a group of people who sell retributive justice to the inhabitants of a limited geographic area at monopolistic prices…Politics is the method employed in the power structures by means of which a monopoly of coercion can be obtained and maintained… This is what we can do without in the interest of law and order."
--Robert LeFevre, 1977

     Considered the definitive work on the nature of liberty, Mr. Robert LeFevre's The Fundamentals of Liberty is a combination of over 25 years of work as a lecturer, author and president of Rampart College. The book took five years to complete and was finished only a few weeks before his death in 1986.

     Viewed today as one of the founding fathers of the modern libertarian movement, LeFevre was a major influence with campus libertarians during the turbulent 1960's. His philosophy on ownership, the nature of man and his government sent shock-waves throughout California and eventually the world.

     Some of his chapters titles include: The Industrial Revolution; the Robber Barons; Epistemology; Property and Ownership; Early Man; Socialism; Communism; Wealth; Banking; The American Story; The Declaration of Independence; Freedom; Withdrawal of Sanction; and more (34 chapters), hardbound, 487 pages.

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