(also known as Instant Runoff Voting (IRV))

A fairer election is feasible by the Instant Runoff Voting method. Freedom to vote is freedom of choice for candidates by IRV. Human rights, civil rights, and voting rights are fundamental equal values. IRV will give the voter the right to vote their conscience which is crucial. The official links and information web pages concerning the vital matter of IRV. FAQ
special IRV activist kit
IRV brochure flyer
IRV brochure flyer 2 (Click on transforming politics) (Click on ranked-choice voting.)

We need to campaign for civil voting rights -- fair and open elections. Voters united for civil voting liberties. A team is many voices with one heart. IRV will implement the will of the people’s voting power. Instant runoff voting is a helpful key solution to our predictable election climate. IRV will create a better environment for greater choices, voices, and a more equal representation. Written by The United American Grassroots Coalition for Volunteers for Instant Runoff Voting. This material is not copyrighted for you to copy to your website in whole or in part to take action in your own local community. Please pass out IRV flyers for our rights to have a fairer election.

Libertarians Approve of SB596, Instant Runoff Voting

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