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93Lpmc Annual Meeting--feb. 12, 201402-7-2014
92Speech By Angela Keaton In Seaside, Sept. 21, 201308-23-2013
91Speech/ Book Signing By L.k. Samuels On Chaology, May 11, 201304-25-2013
90Nov. 2012 Ballot Measure Recommendations10-15-2012
89Libertarians Call For Impeachment Of Obama02-23-2012
88Can Only Democrats Engage In Wars Of Aggression?10-8-2011
87The Media Blackout Of Ron Paul08-20-2011
86Update On Watch Dog Becomes The Lap Dog Article06-13-2011
85The Watch Dog Becomes The Lap Dog06-13-2011
84Letter: Today's Liberals Vs. Classic Liberals01-27-2011
83Arrest Of Mikey Samuels In San Luis Obispo10-29-2010
82Two Libertarians Officials Endorse A Republican Candidate10-20-2010
81Misery In North Korea -- New York Times Article07-21-2010
80A President, Not A Savior06-16-2010
79Rand Paul And The Civil Rights Act: Was He Right?05-27-2010
78Are Progressives Singing A New Tune On The Wars?04-09-2010
77Would-be Candidate Misses Ballot By $2603-23-2010
76The Horrors Of Socialized Medicine In Austria01-21-2010
75Government As Farce12-01-2009
73The Whole Foods Alternative To Obamacare08-14-2009
72Compounding The Problem07-30-2009
71Prop. 1-a Is Defeated -- Now Is The Time For Real Budget Reform05-19-2009
69Legalizing Drugs Would Greatly Reduce Violence03-24-2009
68The Fallacy Of "fiscal Stimulus"02-26-2009
67The Left In Power -- Lewrockwell.com02-17-2009
66Are We Ailing From Too Much Deregulation?01-30-2009
65Hero Charged With A Crime In Carmel Valley12-20-2008
64Lp Opposition To The Big-three Bailout12-15-2008
63Are We Aling From Too Much Deregulation?12-10-2008
62Frank's Fingerprints Are All Over The Financial Fiasco10-03-2008
61Government Failure10-02-2008
60Welfare For The Rich: The Financial Bailout09-27-2008
59Who's To Blame For The Subprime Meltdown?04-24-2008
58Analyst Explains Nuances Of War On Terror01-30-2008
55The Founding Sachems09-30-2007
54Republican Presidential Debate And Ron Paul09-07-2007
52Iraq Fraud Whistleblowers Vilified08-27-2007
51Iraq And The Roots Of War03-27-2007
49Commentary: Why Skepticism Is Sound On Global Warming02-09-2007
47The Governor Gives Up On The Market01-16-2007
46Privatization Of Roads The Key To Real Highway Safety12-15-2006
45Nobel Winner Milton Friedman Dies At 9411-24-2006
44How Government Destroys Moral Character 11-07-2006
43California Statewide Initiatives -- Nov. 200610-17-2006
42John Mackey -- Winning The Battle For Freedom And Prosperity09-15-2006
41Minimum Wages In Chicago -- Dr. Thomas Sowell08-22-2006
40In Defense Of Libertarian Purity07-20-2006
39Evicting Libertarian Party Principles: The Portland Purge07-06-2006
37The New Ballot Box Land Grab03-22-2006
36Ballot Argument Against Sales Tax Increase Measure01-12-2006
35The Fatally Flawed General Plan For Monterey County03-11-2006
32Harry Browne's Cognet Wisdom, And Why I'm A Libertarian03-06-2006
30Battling The Thought Police On Campus06-21-2005
29Government Succeeds By Failing10-4-2005
28The Unknown Government08-16-2005
25 When Doing Good Is Bad11-29-2005
24Death By Government: How To Kill The Sick01-24-2006
22David R. Henderson's Speech At World Permiere Film12-12-2005
19The Pollution Solution: Stopping The Environment's Worst Enemy01-09-2006
18Davy Crockett, Libertarian01-09-2006
17Public Monies And Private Supplications!01-09-2006
16Some Famous Quotes About Government01-09-2006
15Free-market Environmentalism01-09-2006
14A Libertarian Position On Gay Marriages01-09-2006
13What Is Libertarianism?01-09-2006
12A Jeffersonian Republic Or A Bush Empire?01-09-2006
11Statement Of Purpose: Monterey County Libertarians For Peace01-09-2006
10What Is Libertarianism?01-09-2006
9The Mystery Of Fascism01-09-2006
7Follow Ben Franklin's Example To Keep Libraries Open01-04-2006
6Whitmore: A Library Without A Budget01-04-2006
4Libertarianism: Rooted In Some Basic Beliefs01-04-2006
2Eminent Domain: State Seizure12-30-2005
1What Is Wrong With Unions?01-00-000